The role of an accountability coach in the business world.

We’ve heard how an accountability coach works in the fitness world. They keep you on track with your meal planning, exercise, and physique training. They’re a combination of personal trainer and nutritionist.

What does an accountability coach do in the business world? Do you need one?

Most of us struggle to have a mindset powerful enough to stay motivated and inspired on our work and home life. After all, we’re human. We procrastinate, we struggle with time management and often things fall through the cracks. An accountability coach is there to be the cheerleader, guide and support in reaching your goals.

In the fitness industry, an accountability coach creates healthy nutritional guidelines, workouts, and motivation to help you achieve weight loss goals. There is no progress when these suggestions are not adhered to and followed.  Most often we need someone to hold our hand to overcome the challenges that are obstacles to sustained growth and productivity.

What an accountability coach can do for you

As a life coach, I provide accountability in a very similar way. After each coaching session, my clients are given homework that they need to get done before our next meeting. And at the end of the day, it’s all worth it. There’s no greater feeling than the look on my clients face when they realize they’ve achieved their goals. And that’s what an accountability coach can do for you. 

What do you struggle holding yourself accountable for? As an accountability coach in Johannesburg, I’d love to find out what your pain points are! 

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