Therapeutic Space

Holding this therapeutic coaching space for you to gain clarity is a deeply personal journey. Building trust and rapport is vital to the process of healing. This process will take time, patience and courage. I invite you to contact me so that I may take you on a journey of self-discovery of unfolding your knowing.

There are two ways that I offer my time:

Skype or What’s App Video ( Anywhere in the world)
In person sessions (Cape Town, Johannesburg, Pretoria South Africa. I do travel, please check directly with me when I will be in a city near you.)
The length of my sessions is usually 50 mintues.

I encourage and endorse a variety of complementary healing modalities to integrate your thoughts, feelings and actions through the healing process.

I invite you to leave the shores of what you once knew for sure and to sail into the mystery of your essence. And thus to unite with yourself in a deeply meaningful way…

Contact Leigh.

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