Christian Relationship Counselling

Christian relationship counseling is a form of counseling that integrates Christian beliefs and principles into the counseling process. The focus is on helping couples to work on their issues and enhance their relationship through the guidance of a trained and experienced counselor who is also a Christian

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How can Christian Relationship Counselling benefit us?

Christian Counselling emphasises the importance of forgiveness, compassion, empathy, communication, and respect, as well as the use of prayer and biblical teachings to help you address your problems and find solutions. The counseling process is tailored to your specific needs and issues, and is designed to promote spiritual growth, emotional healing, and personal transformation. Ultimately, Christian relationship counseling seeks to draw you closer to God and thereby strengthen the bond between you and your partner.

A Christian counselor can help you apply biblical principles and teachings to your personal and marital problems, which can guide you towards a more harmonious and fulfilling relationship.

Strengthening your faith can help you build a deeper connection with your partner

Christian relationship counseling also focuses on strengthening your faith, which can help you build a deeper connection with your partner and help you navigate the challenges of married life. By incorporating prayer, spiritual disciplines, and biblical truths, your counselor, with the guidance of the Holy Spirit, can help you and your partner resolve conflicts, effectively communicate, and develop a new appreciation for one another.

Move past hurts, resentments and negative emotions

In addition, Christ-centred counseling emphasises forgiveness, grace, and compassion, which can help you and your partner move past hurts, resentments, and negative emotions that might be hurting your marriage. Overall, it can help you rekindle your relationship with God and your spouse, and create a strong, lasting partnership that is grounded in faith and love.

Want to deepen your relationship?

If you are a couple seeking to deepen your relationship or a struggling one, Leigh creates a safe space where you can discuss your issues openly, without fear of judgment. By seeking her guidance, you can work towards building a relationship rooted in God’s love and principles.

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