Teen suicide, addiction and bullying prevention talks

A holistic approach to self-care through self-regulating tips, tools and techniques to empower, inspire and transform scholars lives to best navigate difficult situations and prevent suicide, addiction and bullying.

There is no exercise better for the heart than reaching down and lifting people up.

The consequences of neglecting scholar wellness

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Decreased productivity:

When scholars are not taking care of their well-being they may be more prone to stress, fatigue, and suicide or addiction.

Reduced performance:

Scholars who are not well may struggle to concentrate or perform tasks effectively, reducing their quality of work.

High dropout rates:

Scholars want to feel as though they are cared for. Neglecting scholars well-being can lead to high dropout rates.

Increased absenteeism:

Poor well-being can result in higher rates of absenteeism, as scholars may need to take time off school to manage their physical or mental health issues.


When scholars feel like there is no way out of the emotional pain they feel, suicide seems like the right option.


Scholars may fall prey to using substances and porn to numb out and this could lead to self-medicating the pain/ trauma they may have experienced.

Decreased morale:

Poor mental health can contribute to negative scholar morale and engagement.


To inspire, empower and transform scholars to create “authentic connections with self, their tribe, and that which is greater than them.” through self-regulating tips, tools, and techniques so as to eradicate teen suicide and addiction.

Desired outcomes for your scholars

Enhanced presenteeism through individual sustainable self-care practices

Improved boundary-setting abilities to be empowered

Self-esteem to promote confident interactions

Wholeness to revitalise personal energy levels

Effective intrinsic motivation to be proactive and not reactive

Questions most commonly answered at the conclusion of the talk/workshop.

Selfie of a happy friends in an european city on vacation or student trip

What do I need to do to feel my best?

Which of my habits are serving me and  which ones aren’t?

What is currently missing from my daily routine?

Logistical process

A Keynote:

 This will entail an hour journey where I share my experience, strength, and hope about my life as an abused orphan. How I overcame addiction to drugs and alcohol to where I am now over 15 years clean and sober.

I am passionate about holding space for my clients to heal, grow and build conscious, authentic, and purposeful lives. I will share self-care tips, tools and techniques that scholars can incorporate into their lives immediately to reduce stress, connect with their family and peers and self-regulate themselves in ways that are healthy and life-sustaining.

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