Self-mastery Counselling and Coaching

We’re not in the gambling business, but say we were to place a bet on you. We would bet that, if you are enjoying immense career success right now, there is a really good chance that your personal life is suffering under the pressure. Be honest… Would we be right?

Achieving balance is not automatic

Achieving balance in your life is not automatic. Anyone who tells you it is easy is lying to you. If it were easy, everyone would have every sphere of their life operating in perfect harmony all the time. Yet, the divorce rate is higher than ever and more and more people are turning to alcohol and illicit substances to escape their reality.

& Leadership

True leaders know that leadership is not a destination that you reach and then you are set for life. Leadership development is an ongoing process. What is less obvious and, perhaps, not as often talked about, is the link between leadership and complete self-mastery. To master yourself is to understand your weaknesses and to develop efficient ways of compensating for them, instead of allowing them to fester into self-doubt. Achieving personal mastery involves understanding your emotions, knowing when to air them, and when it does not serve your best interest to be led by them. But the complete mastery of self also involves self-care – realising that one cannot pour from an empty vessel. If you feel hollowed out and devoid of meaning or direction, you simply do not yet have the strength or the skills you will need in order to find your destiny.

Asking for help is never easy

When you find yourself at the top of your professional game it gets harder to admit that you need help. “Softer” issues like your health, or dealing with a traumatic past event, get pushed down into the recesses of your mind in order for you to perform. Unfortunately, these issues have a way of compounding over time and causing debilitating latent stress. If you do not acknowledge the stressors and take control of these aspects of your life, your performance will eventually suffer. You are, after all, only human.

This regretful situation is the opposite of the self-mastery Leigh Joy will teach you. She is incredibly passionate about self-mastery coaching – a journey towards finding your success, but also being well and happy so you can enjoy that success.

You are not an inexhaustible resource

You are your greatest resource. But your time, energy, health and mental health are all finite. You might, up to now, have believed that there is honour in being labelled a workaholic that is always delaying their own rest, gratification and care. That would be a mistake.

Leigh Joy will show you how dealing with past hurt, taking proper care of yourself, prioritising what is really important, and finding a balance between work and your private space can transform you into a version of yourself that is truly unstoppable.

It won’t be an easy process. But goodness… It will be worth it.

Fall in love with taking care of yourself. Fall in love with the path of deep healing. Fall in love with becoming the best version of yourself but with patience, with compassion and respect to your own journey.