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What is Sex Addiction Counselling?

Sex addiction is a real and serious issue that affects many people. It is also known as hypersexuality, compulsive sexual behaviour, or out-of-control sexual behavior. Sex addiction can involve anything from excessive masturbation to multiple affairs and anonymous sex encounters. This type of behaviour can have devastating effects on the person’s personal life and relationships with friends, family members and colleagues.

There is help available for those who suffer from sexual addiction; however, it should be noted that sex addiction is not a moral issue but rather a mental health problem – like depression or anxiety – that requires treatment by qualified mental health specialists such as psychotherapists or counsellors before any meaningful improvement can be made in your life.

How Sex Addiction Counselling Works

The process of treating a sex addiction is not the same for everyone. It can take a long time, and will require hard work, commitment and honesty from both you and your counsellor.

  • There are many different ways to approach recovery from sex addiction; some people find that group or online support helps them most, while others prefer one-on-one counselling.
  • It’s important that you choose a counsellor who has been trained and has years of experience working with people with sexual compulsions.

Do I need Sex Addiction Counselling?

If you’re reading this article, then chances are that you have some questions about your sex life. Do I need Sex Addiction Counselling? Is my relationship healthy? Am I addicted to sex? These are all valid questions to ask yourself and a good place to start when looking for help with a problem in your life.

If you feel that you have an issue with compulsive sexual behaviour, or know someone who does, please know that there is help available! Please don’t wait until it’s too late before seeking help because it’s important to remember that addiction can happen at any stage in life; even as early as childhood!

To determine if sex addiction counselling may be right for you or someone close to you, consider asking yourself these three questions: Do I feel compelled toward sex even though it negatively affects my relationships? Does my desire for sex interfere with other responsibilities like work or school? Have I attempted unsuccessfully to stop/control my sexual desires through self-control (e.g., alcohol)?

What to look for in a Sex Addiction Counsellor

  • Look for an experienced counsellor.
  • Make sure your counsellor has the experience to handle your specific situation.
  • Be sure that the counsellor is not judgmental, including about your sexual preferences or behaviors.
  • Ensure that you feel comfortable with your counsellor, both in terms of personality and practical logistics (i.e., scheduling appointments).

If you find that your sex life is causing you problems, a counsellor could help.

Sex addiction is a complex issue that requires professional help. If you have found that your sex life is causing you problems, or if you are worried about an aspect of your sexual behaviour, a counsellor could help.

Counselling can be beneficial for all kinds of people who are struggling with their relationship with sex. It is important to remember that whatever problem it might be associated with, the problem itself will not magically disappear once counselling has finished or after one session – but it can provide practical support and guidance on how to manage the situation and make progress towards resolving it.