Healing trauma as a gift to understand your purpose

Healing trauma has been the gift my clients have needed to point them in the direction of their purpose. Let’s be clear, I am not saying that trauma is a gift. I am saying that healing from trauma can often open us to life in a new way which presents us with a new zest for life and we are often left with a lasting knowing that our pain is the compass to our purpose.

I want to introduce you three different alternative healing modalities to heal from sexual, physical, psychological or emotional abuse. These alternative modalities have an amazing way of unlocking trauma in the body and helping you to release it. Talk therapy can be very helpful afterwards to help process the trauma and to keep the trauma released from the body.

Gabby Metcalf a fellow BNI Pioneers member/friend of mine is a deep sea diving instructor.  She says that scuba diving has the incredible healing power of treating trauma. She recalls a story about one of her clients who was severely sexually abused by a family member. She came for scuba diving training to help her overcome the trauma, empower herself and reclaim her life. Gaby took this client for her first open water dive. Her clients face lit up underwater as she was able to overcome the fear of being out of control. Gaby’s diving mask was filled with tears of joy, watching her client reclaim her life and heal from the trauma.

Tension & Trauma Releasing Exercises

Another modality that I have studied and experienced to heal trauma is TRE.  It works on the premise that the body is put through gentle physical exercises to encourage the muscles to shake or tremble. One lies down and shakes the trauma out of the body.

TRE practitioners believe (as do I) that trauma sits in the cellular memory of the body. This trembling helps shake the trauma lose in the body and therefore letting it go. The trauma that sits in the body triggers memories, and the person can relive the trauma. 

With TRE, trembling helps release trauma from the body, and therefore memories aren’t triggered as much as the person goes through deep healing. The shaking can feel awkward and make one anxious in the beginning.  But soon enough one is lulled into a gentle blissful state. Deep even breathing is crucial.

The visual flashes one might experience of your past trauma are key indicators of which traumas are being released from the body. These visual cues are a good idea to bring to coaching so that I can help you process them and make peace with your experiences so as to heal.

Biodanza Movement Therapy

Another alternative form of healing from trauma is Biodanza.  It is a type of movement therapy.  Similar to TRE, through movement, trauma is released in the cells.  Music has long since been a vital aspect of healing. There are no steps to learn in Biodanza.  It’s a form of free movement. Biodanza connected me to a very primal part of myself. A deep nurturing of my inner Goddess. I still feel like dancing was my first love. As a toddler, barely able to walk I could sway to the tunes of ABBA’s dancing queen whilst hanging onto my mothers leg. Dancing and music have the profound ability to set our minds free from trying to figure things out and allow the wisdom of the body to ‘speak’ to you about aspects of yourself that needs healing.  Biodanza has enriched every aspect of my life. In fact it has made me a better coach, wife, mother and friend. I love it so much I got a tattoo.

In my coaching practice, I have successfully married these modalities with talk therapy to help my clients process and release the latent trauma from their bodies, minds and hearts.

As your accountability coach, I will help you place complimentary self-care regimes in place to be sure to help you become the person you always believed you could become.

Trauma doesn’t have to be the end of your life.  Healing from trauma often is the beginning of a profound journey into self-love, acceptance and a revival of compassion, grace and joy.

Transforming from trauma

Look no further, Leigh Joy presents empowering, inspiring and transformative talks on discovering your purpose.  She will take you on a journey to look at the pain in your life as the road map to discover your purpose. You will leave feeling that your life has meaning and purpose.

Take a profound and illuminating journey into the self

The beginning of a deeply profound and illuminating journey into the self. A journey that is particularly difficult to complete alone.  Leigh Joy is here by your side to guide, support and encourage you.

Each of us is unique. Each of us has a specific purpose on this earth, which no other person can fulfil.  We have each been shaped by life to perform this specific role. Do you hear the call on your life to heal from your trauma?

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