7 things you should have in your handbag on every first date

Article compiled by Bonolo Sekudu and first published on News24 on the 3rd of October.
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  • Dating coach Leigh-Joy lists 7 things you should have in your handbag on the first date.
  • We are inundated with stories of kidnappings, scams and hijackings, therefore, women need to be on high alert.
  • Some dates turn out so bad that one may be tempted to return home at ‘hello’, while others are perfect with chemistry and possibly leading to intimacy.

Going on a date with someone for the first time can be nerve-wracking. You can be anxious about picking the perfect outfit, what to wear and what not to say on the date.

And of course, we live in a time where meeting someone you hardly know is a risk so take extra precaution.

We are inundated with stories of kidnappings, scams and hijackings, as a result, women need to be on high alert.

Dating coach, Leigh-Joy has a list of things you should probably have in your handbag. 

7 things to carry on the first date:

  • Condoms – no judgment! You never know what the chemistry will be like, and rather be safe than sorry. Bring more than one condom in case the first is damaged or you need more.
  • Cash – R50 cash for the parking machine in case the card facilities are out of order so you do not have to walk around at night looking for change – which can be dangerous. Have money to pay your own bill if your date demands that your split the bill, it happens.
  • Have a fully charged phone so you can use your maps to get home safely or call a friend if you land in a sticky situation. Have an emergency contact on speed dial. Let that person know where you are meeting, with whom (photo and name) and what time. You could even ask them to phone you mid-date if you want to leave and don’t want to do it outright. Leave the table to take the call. When you get back to the table you can simply say there’s an emergency you need to attend to and leave. Or if the date is going well you can let your friend who called know and return to your date, who is none the wiser.
  • Have a letter that you give to your waiter. For example, it can read, “if I order a flamingo cocktail you know to have me escorted from the table safely to my car as I do not feel safe with my date.” This will come in handy if you need it.
  • Make sure a contact number is written on a piece of paper in your handbag in case your phone gets stolen. That’s if you do not know their number by heart.
  • Have a tampon or pad in case you start your period on the date. You don’t want any surprises.
  • Lipstick or lip ice/makeup – to be able to go to the loo to freshen up if the date is getting too intense or moving too slowly, you get to settle your nerves with a break to the loo.

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