Be homegrown, not manufactured, be handmade, not mass-produced, seek out the complexity in simple things, because that is where you will find your authenticity

My dear friend Nicholas Smit and I started our podcast in 2020 in the middle of the Covid pandemic.  We had heard the call to living authentically and couldn’t let a good crisis go to waste so we put together the Me 2.0 podcast.  We have interviewed powerful voices in South Africa who could have allowed adversity to make them bitter and resentful, instead, these warriors of spirit and heart have fashioned for them a meaningful life in service to others.  They are the brave ones.  The foundation of a healthy society.  The true leaders of industry.  They dug deep and kept digging until they reached the very rock bottom of death and sadness and came rushing to the surface with meaning from their pain and a passionate purpose to boot.

It takes vulnerability to be authentic.

Not allowing your worrying about what others think to muzzle you and so show up as yourself and be proud of who you are.

These brave voices are the ones who have shed light on my light and offered me the privilege of living wholeheartedly.  Sure there have been moments where I am free-falling, it’s been both exhilarating and terrifying.  Being authentic to me means showing up in our fullness.  Not trying to hide, repress or disregard parts of ourselves but bringing our whole self to life and knowing within the deepest core of ourselves that whoever is meant for us will offer us Grace especially when we would be abandoned and rejected.  It is because of these moments that I dare to live out loud and proud.

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