The urban dictionary definition is The idea that everyone can work together and produce something better than they could on their own with less work.

Teamwork makes the dream work – John C Maxwell authored this book.

Something profound was said through me the other day to my daughter.  She was bored.  I turned to her and said ‘boredom is the fertilised soil for driving innovation.’

#Togetherwerise  #togetherstronger is one of my favourite #.

I am an avid rugby fan and watching the Springboks world cup rugby 2019 victory story unfold was life-affirming.  We had so much gone down in South Africa and the Boks used our collective pain and pulled us together as a nation, under one flag and one God.  We are indeed #togetherstronger.

Tonight I am on a panel with other incredible women as we launch our collectives stories in a book edited by the brilliant Sue Nyati called when secrets become stories an anthology of thrivers after gender-based violence.  This book is a collaboration that we hope helps serve, heal and transform millions of lives.  I know for me I am looking for meaning in my pain and experiences and look for ways daily to ensure that my experiences are not in vain, that they have meaning, that I can hold a light for others in their darkest moments.  A light of hope and peace beyond understanding. Energetically and emotionally it has been incredibly healing for me to stand alongside these brave souls as we share our stories in this anthology.  It has been easier to stand alongside and publish my story with others than it has ever been to write my book.  These beautiful souls who share their pain and victories between the same covers as mine have given me the wind beneath my wings to share my experience, strength, and hope.

This collaboration is the epitome of how the collective strengthens the individual and therefore humankind wins.

If we consider leadership from a collaborative perspective I feel we can agree that teamwork makes the dream work.  Leadership styles that honour the individual and the team are fast becoming styles that resonate at a deep level.  Personal mastery is an individual sport, nobody can master ourselves for us.  However to create and maintain powerful teams/families/friendship circles we each need to take responsibility for our lives and in so doing we create very strong and powerful momentum, innovation, and dynamics that have lifetime impacts.

Collaboration is the new frontier to success!

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