Top 13 red flags on a first date

1. Slur wasted

If your date is tipsy before the starter, it’s probably time to get the bill.

2. The "L" word

If they say they loves you after a few cocktails on your first date, you know the drill. RUN.

3. Employed or between jobs

Ah yes. They’re an entrepreneur. But what do they actually do? If they’re dodging work questions, you should run for the hills as they probably live on their parent’s couch. GASP!

4. Oedipus or Electra complex

Please don’t tell us we remind you of your mother or father. There is something very wrong with that, and we would prefer to be considered our own sovereign being as opposed to someone like your mum or dad.  We know that the unresolved stuff you have with your mum or dad will most likely be projected all over us. Work through your stuff folks – be liberated!

5. Friend-less

If they drop the bomb that they don’t really have friends – they work too much – just don’t have time?! Unless they recently moved from another country or province fine – but otherwise tread lightly folks.

6. Body odour is truly a turn off

Poor hygiene is a sign that their self-care is off whack – RUN!

7. Brings up their finances

While financial stability is important for a potential partner, discussing your salary at the table is in poor taste.

8. Trashing the ex just isn’t sexy

First-date conversations usually encompass the basics; jobs, where you’re from, and what you are passionate about. If the conversation deviates from this and enters into ex territory, and romanticize their last lover there clearly are some unresolved feelings.

9. Boasting is a no no!

There’s a difference between a person sharing their life and experiences and when someone who is stroking their ego.  If a person needs to boast about stuff, it shows shatteringly low self-esteem and what they value most is stuff.

10. Mismatched

Dressing for a first date is simple. If your date can’t dress stylishly you know what to do!

11. Screen staring

If your date can’t manage to stop going on their phone for a meal, you should probably re-evaluate this person. Unless you’re handling some serious crisis situation, you should probably put your phone away and pay attention. If they taking selfies at the table, please excuse yourself from the table as soon as possible.

12. Orders on your behalf

If your potential bae assumes what you would like to eat or drink without asking you your likes it’s probably a sign that they are controlling.  Be careful!

13. Leaves you with the bill

I am old school. I think the man should offer to get the first date meal.  There after she is welcome to reciprocate by taking him for coffee or a picnic or even dinner.  Please ladies – let a man be a man!

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