What is dating fit?

Being dating fit means you have exercised your self-care muscles and are on a journey of self-mastery. You prioritise your healing, growth, and development.  You are willing to step out of your comfort zone and into the fun, curious zone of discovering new things about yourself. It also means you are coming to like and love who you are becoming and a deep sense of excitement wells up inside you when you think of sharing this new you with your new love.

What is dating fit in today’s terms?

Most people if I ask them what they want in a partner they can pretty easily rattle off several things they do not want.  If I enquire more and ask what they do want the answers are fewer and finally when I ask them if they are dating fit and prepared to be all those things they are looking for in a partner? They generally sigh and nod their head knowingly.

People find it easier to complain about being single and not take the actions it requires to heal and grow so that they are attractive to healthy lovers and partners.

Getting dating fit takes time, energy, and resources.

Start falling in love with you by investing in yourself:

Read my articles on self-care and start prioritising you.

Watch my self-care diary’s YouTube channel and listen to amazing, inspiring, and interesting friends and guests I highly respect speak about how self-care is important in their lives.

Listen to my and Nick Smith’s podcast Me 2.0 as we interview a variety of powerful people about how their journeys of mental or physical disability have inspired them to be their authentic selves.

Host an intimacy party and have a giggle with your friends as we speak about all aspects of intimacy (emotional, mental, spiritual, and physical) and how to get dating fit. I will also bring along beautiful, budget-friendly, and body-safe toys, lubes and body sprays to add to your collection. I will share some fun and kinky stories too. We are never too old to learn! This Glammy got her groove back at 47!

What is dating fit?

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