The Courage of David

Do you feel you are brave? Do you feel like you cower in fear when you want to be brave? Do you shake in your boots trying to be courageous?

Facing the fear and doing it anyway

A couple of weeks ago I was in a session with a client. She was telling me how scared she was feeling to set boundaries with her husband.

As she spoke I saw an image of David. Goliath was in the distance. In my vision I went to David and tapped into his feelings. I was surprised. I always thought David was so courageous. Beating on his chest, yelling: “Goliath you aren’t going to terrify me and my people anymore!”

No, instead I felt David was scared, nervous, shaking picking up random small stones and just throwing them in Goliath’s direction, but not even hitting his toes.

Then I heard David say under his breath, exasperated as a last resort: “Oh God, help me.” In that moment I saw his mind connect to the field of unlimited potential and David’s creativity was unlocked by God’s grace.

David then took a medium-sized stone and placed it in his slingshot and with purpose, determination and fear he struck Goliath.

Taking purposeful action

What surprised me was that David was scared. He was brave and courageous, but he was also scared. What made him brave and courageous was the he faced his fears and did it anyway.

The lesson I learnt from this vision is don’t wait till you are peaceful and courageous before taking action. Often we are terrified to do something.

It is especially then that we need to stand up and take action.
I do not advocate finding the courage to kill. I do not believe in violence.

This story can however relate to a variety of scenarios:

  1. Starting a new project
  2. Negotiating with our boss
  3. Setting boundaries with a loved one

Leigh Joy is a Leadership Coach specialising in resilience and self-care.

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